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  • State Certified Electrical Contractor

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Family Owned and Operated

  • Reliable and Fast Local Electricians

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  • Putting Safty First

  • Trusted by Our Community For Decades

  • High-Quality Workman Ship Guaranteed

  • Smart Home Integrations Available

"Your Trusted Electricians in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, and Beyond"




At Sharp Electric, safety is the most important. We understand that improper wiring can lead to severe risks, such as electric shock and fires, which can harm your property and the people you care about. That's why prioritize the safety of your space and loved ones above all else. Our team of highly trained electricians is dedicated to meeting your electrical needs with the highest safety standards, ensuring that your job is done right the first time. By choosing Sharp Electric, you can have confidence in your space's safety and your loved ones' well-being.


The story of Sharp Electric started with my dad, a skilled electrician who believes in the power of hard work and focusing on the task at hand. He instilled in us the importance of precision, safety, and customer care, and we have carried these values with us throughout our journey. Our mission is to provide top-notch electrical services while ensuring the highest safety standards for our clients. We take pride in our work, knowing that our legacy is built on the trust and satisfaction of our community.


Today, Sharp Electric stands as a testament that with hard work, we can accomplish what we set out to do. With over 30 years of experience, we have built the skills to take on any job, big or small. We continue to prioritize the safety of our clients' spaces and loved ones, ensuring that every job is done right. By choosing Sharp Electric, you're not just hiring an electrical contractor; you're hiring a company that wants your home to be a safe and comfortable space that you can enjoy with the people you love!

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