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Residential and Commercial Service Upgrades

If your electrical service is too small or getting outdated, we have the solutions you need. Residential and Commercial properties' needs are always changing, and new and improved products are here!


Upgrading your electrical system will help your home or facility run more smoothly.

Residential Service Upgrades

From smart panels like Span to new panels with more energy-efficient parts, we are here to help you choose what products will work for you.


Is your electrical panel old?

If so, it could be a fire hazard. A comprehensive inspection of your system might save you from threats lurking in your home's electrical system, putting your home and family at risk.


Important things to look for:

  • Old Wiring (Cloth Wiring)

  • Breakers Tripping

  • GFCI Prtection (protects personel from electrocution)

  • AFCI Protection (protects your home from fires)

  • Corrosion

  • Equipment falling apart

All these things and more could harm your home and family. Here at Sharp Electric, we do not give you the cheapest price and materials. We do the job right, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your home worry-free.

Commercial Service Upgrades

Regarding commercial service upgrades, dependability and future expansion are of the utmost importance. Without this at the forefront of your contractor's mind, it could cost you tons of money, even millions. Your system could become catastrophic, burning your entire facility to the ground. Everything needs to be thought through and executed to ensure your business can operate like a well-oiled machine. Partnering with Sharp Electric ensures your system will be stress-free and future-proof, with everything being thought about from the ground up.


We are proud of our dedication to the electrical field and would love to partner with you today!

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